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Italian handmade craftman leather bags


Gabriella G Firenze

Gabriella g collection

Our collection is made of sustainable bags from recycled leather. Inspired by clean lines, minimalist designs, and the 80s era, our brand believes in product durability that can be passed from generation to generation. The company abdicates the overwhelming pressure to consume more by eliminating the concept of seasonality and returning to a slower pace of consumption. Gabriella Gucci approaches sustainability by targeting the overproduction of leather. By acquiring leftover or unwanted leather goods, the brand is minimising the demand for more leather.

Made in Italy

Skilled artisans and traditional craft

we engage in responsible manufacturing and commits to protecting the welfare of our workforce.

Natural materials

our articles are produced using natural or recycled materials.

lose attention to details

we invest time and money to design a well-made item that feels bespoke by paying attention to detail and craftsmanship.

hands-on service

our brand goes beyond creating and selling a well-crafted item : it becomes an experience through excellent customer experience and personalized services.


sustainable Gabriella G luxury collection

Breathing new life into materials that might otherwise go unused, Gabrilla Gucci introduces a collection that further cements the commitment to sustainability through the material reuse into the brand’s iconic designs.

Each exclusive item of the collection made of bags, shoes and clothes is unique and derives from regenerated and sustainable products and materials.

Following the latest fashion trends with an ethically-minded approach, the company limits its environmental impact by favoring natural, recycled, surplus, and vintage fabrics. All clothes are designed in our atelier using organic materials.

gabriella g firenze

Gabriella G Firenze

I belong to an old and historical family of Florence, the Gucci family”

This is what Gabriella Gucci stated when we signed the license agreement. “and I want my name and reputation to be safeguarded”
And she added,

“Florence is known worldwide for its heritage, renaissance art, delicious food and luxury fashion. Evidently, Florentines are good at many things. But what about sustainability? I want my brand to be remembered as an eco-friendly luxury brand Made in Italy.


The consumer is required to return the goods and the trader is required to reimburse the payment received.
The consumer is obliged to return the goods received, without undue delay and within 14 days from the date on which he communicated his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal to the professional.
The costs for the return are borne by the consumer.


Il consumatore è tenuto alla restituzione del bene e il professionista è tenuto a rimborsare il pagamento ricevuto.
Il consumatore ha l’obbligo di restituire i beni ricevuti, senza indebito ritardo ed entro 14 giorni dalla data in cui ha comunicato al professionista la sua decisione di esercitare il diritto di recesso.
I costi per la restituzione sono a carico del consumatore