Our Story

A family Tradition

Gabriella G Firenze, founded by a group of talented and ambitious entrepreneurs.
Stylish and delicate, this brand was created to inspire a conscious approach to being fashionable. Adopting innovative solutions to reduce its environmental impact, the Italian label uses materials certified by GOTS that have been produced under fair working conditions.


Gabriella G Firenze’s fabrics are designed by conscientious production partners across many countries following ancient, traditional methods.
Additionally, Gabriella Gucci strives to give garments a second life through up-cycling practices, as well as priding itself in being plastic-free.


Skilled artisans and traditional craft

We engage in responsible manufacturing and commits to protecting the welfare of our workforce.


We use natural, non-toxic dyes like soy instead of traditional petroleum-based ink and also we offer backyard compostable packaging.

The perfect balance of traditional and modern.

An eco-friendly brand